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Simply Hillarious

Nice Gum haha

Haha, I guess Gum is so addictive that you would eat it, eaven if you found it on the street :D

Cool Ending

I liked the ending,, very funny.. and i also liked the whole thing with "Somewere.. Across the street" :D

To be continiued..

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at lvl 26, i suddently just had 0 Hp, and die'd for no reason

funny, but has few bugs

Haha! acted all weird, when the CPU used the gun, it always shot at a downward angle, coud never hit a Target xD


In the year 3001A.D. Spaceman Luke from planet Somewhere? was exploring the galaxy on his undefined spaceship. On one of his travels, he was attacked by an alien fleet. He had to escape the large fleet, so he sped up to -7! He was going so fast that he didn't see the EVIL WHITE planet Down? from him. All of the sudden, the gravitational pull of the EVIL WHITE planet dragged his Slow ship and crashed it. Spaceman Luke knew that the fleet would come destroy him so he searched the remains of his ship for his lazer Mobile. Luckily, there was a/an Bouncey military base nearby. Luke sneaked by a few guards and reached the vehicle storage area and found a couple of alien flying Snowman behind some crates of "The Things. Before he could ride Snowman back home, the guards spotted him and attacked him like a pack of Bird poos attack a baby mud man. Luke pulled out his lazer Mobile an beat the Snoop Dog out of them. One alien soldier managed to activate the self destruct sequence. Luke got on the vehicle and flew away. lolz?!!! All that was left from the plant was EVIL WHITE dust. Luckily, the fleet had just arrived and died a/an Cut death from the explosion. Spaceman Luke became a hero in Somewhere? and was worshipped for many years.


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Dance ?

Ohh my god i like this tune..
Hardstyle <3

I'm shuffling to this!!!! Mate :3

Dj-Brand0 responds:

Madd I love the lead I used =D sounds so evil lol.
Good shuffle song xD <3 Hardstyle ^^
Thx for rate/review mate

-Peace Brando


Haha.. Great tune, sounds like the mind of one that is high og drugs.. ^^
- I have some songs that you might like, come and check them out.

CyberPot responds:

Haha, maybe. oh btw i like ur songs i voted 5 :)

You know i like hardstyle..


- This tune is very good, it's quite reppetive though, but that dose not really matter since it's a "Work In Progress", I won't lay weight on that. Around 00:40 The base starts kicking, and i my opinion that's the best part of the song, the build up untill 00:40 took quite long time, considering that it's almost half of the song, but once again it's a "Work In Progress" and i won't judge you on that.

- Nice song no doubt about that, and let me remind you that i've downloaded this track and started dancing to it, like so i did with your previous Hardstyle track "Bigg Fatt Bass" thought i might let you know that.

Dj-Brand0 responds:

Hey again, thanks for the review.

Yeah it is a work in progress, I'll eventually get to it and finish it. Previously the bass was shocking, I'm happy it turned out this way and glad you liked it.

Yes is very repetative =\. I can take criticism because I'm still experimenting, and this was another experiment.

Thx again Powerupload,


Hello Hello! I'm Alex from Denmark, and i'm 14 years old..

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